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The Animal Protection Trust is a registered charity.  Its main function is the rescue and rehoming of unwanted domestic animals.


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We have dogs, cats and other animals looking for new homes.  Please see our: Homeless Animals


Lost your pet? We may have found them. Check out our list of animals on our Lost and found page


Have a look at the fortunate animals that have recently found new homes: Success Stories

We also have a Special Appeal for Skye. Please see our: Homeless Animals

<h3> </h3> <h3>Vet Emma Milne, Patron Of Animal Protection Trust Publishes New Book On The Adventures Of A Vet In Practice -'Tales From The Tail End'</h3> <img src="tales_from_the_tail_end_200x300.jpg" alt="Tales from the tail end" width="200" height="307" align="right"> <p>Renowned vet, Emma Milne of television's Vets in Practice series, has written an amusing account of her encounters with pets and owners since she started her first job in practice in 1996 as a qualified vet. 'Tales from the Tail End' is an enchanting and amusing account of the ups and downs of veterinary life, with some delightful anecdotes about her animal and human clients. The paperback 'Tales from the Tail End' published by Summersdale, will be available to purchase in March 2012 from most leading book stores. An absolute must-read for all animal lovers!</p><p><em> Misty was ecstatic to see her owner but to the nurse's surprise her owner just stood there and said, 'What have you done with my dog's head?' <br>'I'm sorry,' replied the nurse, 'what do you mean? She's just been in for spaying.' '<br>That isn't my dog's head. The rest of it is my dog but you've put a differenthead on it.'</em></p><p>On a crisp October morning in 1996, Emma Milne started her first job as a newly qualified vet, a career captured on camera for eleven series of television's Vets in Practice. Now she tells the full story. We discover the numerous things that can get stuck in an animal's stomach, how to stop a cow exploding, and - the biggest truth of all - that animals are easy to deal with in comparison to their owners. They say that truth is stranger than fiction, and these Tales from the Tail End turn out to be stranger - and funnier - than you could ever have imagined...</p><!-- <h3>Lost your pet?</h3> <p>We may have found them. Check our list of found animals at: <a href=""></a></p> <h3>Looking For A Cat Or Dog? </h3> <ul> <li>Our homeless animals are now listed, with photos, at: <a href=""></a><br>  </li> <li>Kind, loving homes with adult families wanted for our older cats, 10 years plus, who are in the autumn of their lives, and have nobody to love or care for them. Please help. Contact Sue on 01293 785595 (answerphone) for <a href="">more information</a>.</li> </ul> --> <br>







        Latest updates:

             Wilbur, William and Teddy are no longer homeless!

             Also L1057 & L1060 on our lost and found register have returned home.

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We have cats, dogs and other animals looking for new homes. Can you help?

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